Robust Toilet Tracker

Monitors usage of toilet cubicle

Plug Play

Ease of use

User friendly Dashboard

Ease of access

Completely Wireless



Advanced Analytics

Secure Cloud

Anywhere access


Easy to fit any infrastructure


Proactive Information

Solar Operated*

Supply by solar charge battery

Process Of Monitoring Toilet Usage

Benefits of Solution

Create a Hierarchy of users such as Admin/Supervisor[Area/District/State Wise]

Add and Assign Toilets to Supervisor to Monitor them

Dashboard for supervisor to monitor assigned toilets.

View Location of Toilets on Google Maps

Live Usage Count for Monitoring And Alerts/Notifications

Occupancy Of Toilet Cubicle Hour/Week/Month/Time Span Reports

SMS Alerts Configuration

Data exploration and visualization

Analytics of Data for Usage Pattern,Time Spent,Area Wise,etc.